The Vicenarian Search

V i c e n a r i a n


- A person whose age is between twenty and twenty-nine years, inclusive; someone in his or her twenties. Someone in his or her third decade.


- From Latin vicenārius, meaning “of or containing twenty”, from vigintā, meaning “twenty”


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Once upon a time, Robert and his friend Mikel listened to some [Local Talent] on the radio while on their way to the “Dennis [Circle of Friends]“. There Robert would share his [Artist Statement] with a group of people. After Robert’s presentation, there was a negative [Rebuttal] to his ideas and thoughts. Paying it no mind, Robert slipped into a daydream about [The Far Out] and before long he would be waking up in the early morn’ to get ready for his [Car Pool] to work. After work, Robert talked with his friend Karlton about his upcoming meeting at a radio station before [Clocking Out]. Then he headed to Celcius 98.7 to meet one of the DJ’s. On his way, he listened to his song [Local Correspondent]. At the song’s end he was at [The Radio] station and pumped for his meeting. After the meeting, Robert fell into a state of [Atychiphobia]. He thought to himself ‘when you’re up this high the only place to go next is [Down]. “But how do [I Get Down]?”, he wondered. And in that wondering he found the answer to [A Choice] he needed to make. An answer that made him realize that he had [Lost Control].


  1. For our Artist Sensey!! YAAAY! You did it! We have watched you for the last several years work on this project, carry this baby and now the time has come to release and share it with the world. Although I have heard these songs more times than I can count while you were in your studio, with this release it sounds so fresh and as if its the first time. Your Dad and I cannot express in words how proud we are of you, how much we admire your tenacity and fortitude to never, ever give up even when you wanted to quit. This is just the beginning…..I hope that I don’t sound too biased when I say the CD is “What’s UP! Fantabulous! Awesome!” Remain courageous, don’t stop expressing God in the way as only you can in the earth and know that we and many others are along the path cheering you on every step of the way! We love you very much!

  2. Sensey! YOU are so inspiring, and this album…. Is EVEN MORE inspiring! I am so proud of you and your journey. It took forever and a day to get here, but it happened, and it happened when it was SUPPOSED TO! You are truly chasing the dream, chasing the vision, and my advice to you is to continue… Seek God first, and put forth your FAITH AND ACTION… and God will blow your mind in more ways than you can imagine. The message in your music is beautiful.. I hear your journey through your music… your downfalls, your insecurities, your wisdom, and your growth… TRULY FULL CIRCLE! I cant wait until this album gets out and gets HEARD! Put your faith forward and PROMOTE! “You Gotta look into the far out!” 😉 Can’t believe this is the same project that I started hearing back in 2011! SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Much Love! Your personal cheerleader! <3

  3. Great album..proud of you for staying on your may not kno it but you inspired more people then you think cant wait for the next one keep the dessire strong-enigma

  4. I enjoyed listening to something…different. This project has inspired me to BE. It’s not about $, recognition, or having a ‘public’, or fans. I think that we owe it to GOD and ourselves to BE who we are to BE. In my opinion you have done so with this project: the production, thought process that went into it (that is evident), and just the overall message of….BE. Keep up the work because you have piece of GOD that we need to keep seeing…

    peace peace

    Dolphus Bell II

  5. It’s such a wonderful album and I enjoyed listening to it a lot. Very unique and inspiring!

  6. Very original and creative! You’ve got me over here “looking at the far out”! Congratulations!